[\\WMM] :: LAIBACH – the definitive guide

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[\\WMM] :: LAIBACH – the definitive guide

Opus Dei
Alle Gegen Alle
God Is God
B Mashina
Tanz Mit Laibach
Das Spiel Ist Aus
Under The Iron Sky
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
Ein Verkündiger
Vor Sonnen-Aufgang

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[\\WMM] :: Ethereal Dreamscapes 4

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[\\WMM] :: Ethereal Dreamscapes 4

echos \\ the haze
echos & nightcall \\ rainfall
seven lions & echos \\ cold skin (mitis remix)
krewella \\ human
satellite empire \\ thrones (ben walter remix)
flume \\ say it (feat. tove lo) (illenium remix)
phoebe ryan \\ mine (illenium remix)
illenium \\ fortress (ft. joni fatora)
roniit x trivecta \\ through the night
trivecta feat. roniit \\ resurface

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[\\WMM] :: This is Synthwave

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[\\WMM] :: This is Synthwave

david hasselhoff || true survivor (from kung fury)
carpenter brut || looking for tracy tzu
gunship || tech noir (carpenter brut remix)
lazerhawk || the king of the streets
makeup and vanity set || system override
le cassete || tonight
futurecop! || superheroes (feat. kristine)
perturbator || venger (feat. greta link)
le matos || sarah
magic sword || in the face of evil
kavinsky || pacific coast highway
dance with the dead || nightdrive
darkest || oceans

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[\\WMM] :: MONITOR 2017

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[\\WMM] :: MONITOR 2017


poison point || far away
poison point || drakkar noir
poison point || roses & lies
kriistal ann || deadly insight
kriistal ann || antigone
kriistal ann || fail of misery feat. schonwald
paradox obscur || flesh
paradox obscur || drone
paradox obscur || alleys
qual || rip doth thy scarlet claws
qual || cupio dissolvi
qual || flay
the agnes circle || porcelain
the agnes circle || sister flux
the agnes circle || the crystal flowers
sydney valette || other side
sydney valette || Run
sydney valette || prêt-à-mourir
rendez-vouz || distance
rendez-vouz || plasticity
rendez-vouz || the others

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[\\WMM] :: Clone Industry minimix 53

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[\\WMM] :: Clone Industry minimix 53

and one || an alle krieger!
frozen plasma || stare at the moon
neuroticfish || former me
autodafeh || information society
velvet acid christ || bend the sky (dead when i found her mix)
noisuf-x || shit on cyborgs
rave the requiem || is apollo still alive?

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[\\WMM] :: Clone Industry minimix 52

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[\\WMM] :: Clone Industry minimix 52

apoptygma berzerk || the genesis 6 experiment
covenant || dies irae
de/vision || their world (paralyzed remix)
faderhead || escape gravity (october reanimation)
in strict confidence || land of grace
decoded feedback || how to destroy a planet

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[\\WMM] :: The Frozen Autumn (clone industry alternative reality mixset)

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[\\WMM] :: The Frozen Autumn (clone industry alternative reality mixset)

precious lives
guardian angel
before the storm
the exile
the first experiment
visionary landscapes
second sight (a)
is everything real
this time (electro mix)
bio vital (decoded feedback cover)
the forgotten frontier

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