[\\WMM] :: Clubbing at Area 51

Clubbing at Area 51

depeche mode || precious (extended ambient mix)
camouflage || me and you
melotron || menschenfresser (club mix)
and one || body company
das ich || destillat (club version)
front 242 || headhunter (empirion mix)
vnv nation || outremer
project pitchfork || existence (vnv nation remix)
icon of coil || repeat it (apoptygma berzerk remix)
covenant || riot
informatik || flesh menagerie (funker vogt rmx)
decoded feedback || bio vital (funker vogt remix)
funker vogt || fortunes of war (vaporized mix by velvet acid christ)
velvet acid christ || futile (resisted mix by funker vogt)
apoptygma berzerk || eclipse (promo copy remix)
underground netwerk intelligence || kgb (infiltration edit)
acid horse || no name no slogan
kmfdm || der mussolini
z prochek || moving hands (klinik_cover)
frozen plasma || warmongers (extended version)
reaper || jagd (live at wgt 2006)
soman || tears (feat. lahannya)
kiew || zimmer 72 (rob acid rmx)
alien produkt || psychiatric workaholic
eden synthetic corps || unit
t.h. industry || das verhoer
empusae || falmek
s.k.e.t. || soljaris
combichrist || get your body beat (album version)
the azoic || conflict (mix by combichrist)
skinjob || sexmachine4
alice in videoland || emily
turturetekk || falling (athamay)
wumpscut || deliverance (alternative club mix)
xpq-21 || barcelona

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One Response to “[\\WMM] :: Clubbing at Area 51”

  1. bery naice!!! 😛


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